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March 30, 2012

ASRX pro & EXP-3 patch name file(xml) for Cubase

I just made a Cubase's patch name script file for my ASRXPRO with EXP-3 (Urban Dance Project) card installed. Even though this sound module is a kind of legacy device, it sounds still pretty nice to me. I thought my script file might be useful for someone. It should work with Cubase 6.5 in Mac & Windows OS.


1. Download a zipped file from here and extract it anywhere you like!
2. Launch Cubase and go to "Devices" > "MIDI Device Manager".
3. Click "Import Setup" button and select a file just extracted in the dialog which opens.
4. Set proper MIDI channel in "Output" pulldown menu.
5. Enjoy it!


1. If you don't have EXP-3 (or ASRX), you could easily delete unnecessary nodes within Cubase's "MIDI Device Manager". Click "Open Device" and select "Patch Banks" in "Device" pull down menu. Then make sure "Enable Edit" box is checked.
2. Patch names are listed according to program number other than categories, but you could use filtering function when you click "Program Selector" in track inspector panel, inputting a word such as "bass" or "pad".

How did I make it?

Using Mac;
1. Thanks to ASRXCITE, I've got ASRXPRO's OMS Patch Names and EXP-3's Patch Names (Excel).
2. CherryPicker software automatically converted OMS file into Cubase script file for me!
3. Edited Excel file to fit with Cubase script format and exported as a text file.
4. Combined two files into one and saved it as a rich text file.
5. Sent to my Windows computer.

Using PC;
6. Opened it and saved as a text file.
7. Put it in "Documents and Settings" > "User" > "Application Data" > "Steinberg" > "Cubase 6" > "Scripts" > "Patchnames" > "inactive" > "Others".
8. Opened "MIDI Device Manager" panel in Cubase and clicked "Install Device" and selected it from "Add MIDI Device" list.
9. Finally I exported it as ".xml" file using "Export Setup" button.

Thanks for reading. Hope it helps...

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